PCIe Overview & NVMe Training

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NVM Express Protocol Training (3-hours) – FREE

The advent of cloud computing and web applications have increased the demand for higher capacity storage with improved performances. Traditional interfaces such as SATA and SAS have become a bottleneck in achieving higher data throughput and performance, particularly in areas such as data centres and servers where low latency and fast access times are crucial for smooth online transactions.

PCI Express, with its high bandwidth and multi-lane scalability, provides the solution for higher throughput and improved performances of storage devices. This technology has been earmarked as the storage interface of choice and leading industry players are working together to define the protocol, controller and drivers. This training provides a timely update and insight to the current state-of-art of PCIe for storage and includes a demonstration the latest PCIe storage protocol testing solutions.


Part 1- PCI Express Overview (1.5 hours)

  • PCIe Configuration Space
  • PCIe Layers (Transport, Data Link & Physical)
  • PCIe Packet Type
  • PCIe Link Training Status State Diagram (LTSSM)


 Part 2- NVMe Introduction (1.5 hours)

  • Why NVMe?
  • NVMe Registers
  • NVMe Controller Initialization
  • Submission and Completion Queue Concept
  • NVMe Command Sets (Admin & I/O)
  • Teledyne LeCroy NVMe Trace Examples
  • Teledyne LeCroy Protocol Analyzer Demonstration (*subject to equipment availability)



Apart from presentation slides, the trainer would share the real NVMe traffic traces captured by Teledyne LeCroy (www.teledynelecroy.com)  PCIe Analyzer.

The PCIe and NVMe knowledge would be taught with the protocol trace examples to enhance the user understanding for the both PCIe and NVMe protocol. The audience would appreciate how does PCIe  Analyzer can help to tackle the protocol problem of PCIe and NVMe.


How to attend?

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 Teledye LeCroy NVMe Traffic Example


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