WaveSurfer 3000z

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The WaveSurfer 3000z (WS3Kz) oscilloscopes from Teledyne LeCroy comes with bandwidths from 100 MHz to 1 GHz and sample rates up to 4 GS/s. The WS3Kz features a large 10.1" capacitive touch-screen, a vast set of debug and analysis tools, multi-instrument capabilities, and supports a wide probe range that allows users to tackle various tasks, from general-purpose debugging and validation to sophisticated power analysis and serial communication tests.

Not only is the WaveSurfer 3000z an extremely capable oscilloscope, but it also can serve as a 5-in-1 instrument. The function-generator option offers a standard collection of waveforms at up to 25 MHz, while the logic-analyzer option provides 16 digital channels for mixed-signal capabilities. A digital-voltmeter option performs 4-digit voltage measurements and 5-digit frequency counting on any channel, and the protocol-analyzer option with serial trigger/decode features intuitive, color-coded waveform overlays and interactive data tables.


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