Summit Z416 - PCIe 4.0 protocol exerciser/analyzer

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The Summit Z416 exerciser is Teledyne LeCroy's fifth generation PCI Express (PCIe) protocol exerciser, leveraging years of experience in providing advanced protocol test tools to the PCI Express community. Supporting traffic generation at data rates to 16 GT/s with link widths up to 16 lanes, the system is designed for developers who need a protocol test system supporting the PCI Express 4.0 specification.

In addition to traffic generation, the system also supports protocol analysis capability, featuring the industry-standard CATC Trace as well as a wide variety of other traffic displays and data reports. The Summit Z416 supports full traffic generation and device/host emulation, as well as providing the industry a platform for development of standardized compliance test suites. In addition the system provides error injection functions to enable developers to test error recovery routines important to reliable interoperability of PCI Express 4.0 products.

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