Sensor Acquisition Module

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The SAM40 Sensor Acquisition Module adds sensor inputs to Teledyne LeCroy's HDO series of 12-bit oscilloscopes. Each sensor channel has a 24-bit resolution, 40 kHz bandwidth and a sample rate of 100 KS/s. The SAM40 is able to provide a 4mA excitation current to power sensors with built-in amplifiers, allowing it to acquire signals directly from IEPE and ICP-compatible sensors.

The SAM40 allows the user to re-scale the voltage measurements easily and convert the units from Volts to one of the 65 physical units for vibration, pressure, acceleration, displacement, velocity, etc. All unit conversions carry through logically when unitized sensor inputs are used in math or measurements. 



The SAM40 works in tandem with the oscilloscope, allowing the sensor signals to be processed or measured with the oscilloscope’s built-in math, measure, and pass/fail functions. The sensor signals from the SAM40 are displayed together with the analog and digital waveforms from the oscilloscope and synchronized to a common trigger, making the SAM40 and HDO system the ideal tool for system debug and analysis of embedded electro-mechanical systems.



Watch this short video introduction to the SAM40



 Click this link to visit the SAM40 website at Teledyne LeCroy: SAM40 Sensor Acquisition Module